Terms and Conditions

  1. Entry rules​​​​​​
    a.  All entrants in the December Lens and Lumen Giveaway (Referred to as ‘the Giveaway’) must complete all steps outlined in any caption where the Giveaway can be viewed for valid entry.

    b.  There will be a maximum of 3 entries per account, or account associated brand (e.g. brand business account, owners account, friends and family of the associated brand or seperate marketing accounts used by the brand), this applies across all platforms where the Giveaway can be entered, and the maximum will be shared between these. 

    c.  Entries will only be taken into consideration when submitted between the opening and closing times of the Giveaway, any individual entry that meets all the entry requirements, but is submitted before opening or after closing will not be considered.

    d.  The Giveaway is open exclusively to individuals, accounts, brands and businesses based in Australia and/or Bali, Indonesia.
  2. Winner
    To receive the prize of the Giveaway (mini photoshoot and mini social media marketing audit);

    a.  The Winner will need to have fulfilled all Entry rules as outlined in Section 1 of the T&C. 

    b.  The Winner (and/or their brands) operations must be located in Australia and/or Bali, Indonesia, and be able to reasonably ship their product-to-be-photographed (if applicable) by regular postal means or courier within a reasonable timeframe from being notified as the Winner.

    c.  Lens and Lumen will select and announce the winner after closing of the Giveaway.
  3. Prize
    a.  The Winner will receive 1 x Mini Photoshoot Package and 1 x Social Media Audit.

    b.  The Mini Photoshoot Package includes 1-2 hours shoot time, 10 edited high res JPEG images suitable for use across multiple platforms, and a 12 month social media and web licensing package.

    c.  The Social Media Audit involves a 30 minute digital meeting to discuss business objectives, current social media strategy and targeted audience, and follow up guide delivered via email within 5 business days of completion of digital meeting.

    d.  The Winner will communicate directly with Lens and Lumen via email or direct message to coordinate the execution of both prizes.

    e.  Lens and Lumen reserve the right to rescind any combination of the prizes at their discretion.
  4. Licensing
    a.  The prize includes a 12 month social media and web licensing package.

    b.  The 12 month social media and web licensing package allows the Winner to use the provided photos for their own promotion and marketing, including use on the website, social media and digital advertising with credit to Lens and Lumen wherever possible. Images are provided as high quality jpegs, sufficient for large digital screens.

    c.  This licence does not include print licensing (for example billboards, print advertising, brochures distributed externally), or the ability to transfer or sell the license to others (including on a stock photo site or travel agency website).

    d.  Lens and Lumen retains exclusive copyright of the original images, and has the right to use these images as they see fit.

    e.  Additional licensing can be purchased from Lens and Lumen if desired.
  5. Shoot Timing
    a.  If the Winner is located in Australia and requires the shoot to be completed in Australia, the Mini Photoshoot Package must be booked for a date prior to February 23 2023.

    b.  If the Winner is located in Bali, Indonesia, the shoot can be booked in Australia prior to February 23 2023 or in Bali from 5 March 2023.
  6. Costs
    a.  Lens and Lumen agree to cover reasonable costs associated with styling, model hire, and prop acquisition required for the shoot.

    b.  Any specific styling requirements that are beyond reasonable costs will need to be covered by the Winner.

    c.  Lens and Lumen will complete the Mini Photoshoot Package in a public location. If the Winner requires product to be shot in a studio or other paid venue, the cost will be covered by the Winner.
  7. Travel
    a.  Lens and Lumen agree to cover any reasonable costs associated with travel for the purpose of the Giveaway.

    b.  Lens and Lumen will limit the travel distance on the shoot day to 150km (each direction) from Brisbane CBD.
  8. Product Shipping
    a.  The Winner agrees to cover any costs associated with shipping the product to Lens and Lumen.

    b.  The Winner agrees to cover any costs associated with the return of the product to the Winner, if they choose to have the product returned after shoot completion.

    c.  Lens and Lumen agree to return the product to the Winner if requested. The product will be posted using return postage label within five (5) business days after images have been approved.

    d.  Due care will be taken to return the product in resellable condition. Lens and Lumen are not liable for any damage incurred to the product before, during or after the shoot.
  9. Model Release Terms
    a.  Any Models participating in the shoot have the rights to use the photos they are featured in for their own personal usage on their website or social media.

    b.  The model is not required to tag the Winner in any content shared across their social media or website.