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hey, we're lens + lumen.


We're a creative duo with home roots in Australia, but we feel most at home when we're exploring the world with a camera in our hands.

Photography has evolved from a hobby to our careers since we picked up our DSLR on our first backpacking adventure. Since then, we've worked with leading brands across the globe including Indonesia, Australia, Norway, & Iceland, creating beautiful custom imagery that captures brand vision and tells a story. 

We put our heart and soul into your brand with every project, capturing incredible images with a keen eye, enthusiasm, and a strategic perspective to help you connect with your audience. 

Based in Bali, we specialise in on-location campaigns & studio sessions for fashion, product, villas & restaurants, capturing photo & video content that stands out from the crowd. 

Our brand thrives on bringing new ideas to life, no matter the size. If you're on the hunt for fresh product photography, fashion photography or food & venue photography, get in touch!

hey, I'm Erin ...

co-founder / social media marketer / creative director


... and I'm Jackson.

co-founder / photographer / community management