Here’s our list of the best studios in Bali! 

While Bali, Indonesia is world-renowned for it’s exotic tropical landscapes, diverse black and white-sand coastline and volcanic mountain ranges, the island is home to a range of professional photography & creative studios perfect for your brands next collection drop, ecommerce refresh or catalogue photoshoot.

1. Onja Studio

Located 15 minutes by car from Canggu in Kerobokan, Bali, Onja Studio provides the perfect space for creative product and fashion photoshoots. With a high-quality cyclorama and a range of coloured-paper backdrops, Onja is a great choice for brands looking for an entirely custom set design.

Available with a wide range of different lighting options for hire including RGB-configurable LED light bars, Onja Studio comes well equipped as a blank slate to bring to life endless creative visions.

We recommend Onja Studio for brands who want an entirely custom scene design. Whether the photoshoot is for ecommerce or a clean marketing aesthetic, Onja is the perfect blank slate to bring a unique flavour and realise any creative vision.

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2. Studio Susu

Premium photography studio catering for International’s successful designers & fashion brands in a large creative space close to Canggu.

Featuring a full-sized cyclorama wall in a large room with ample wall space for hanging backdrops or creating sets, as well as an all-black darkroom perfect for moody portrait shoots or creative lighting setups.

Studio Susu provides professional equipment for rent as well as lighting options, including an assistant to help with lighting setup. There are iMac’s available for tethering as well as change room facilities and a well-equipped hair and makeup room with window and mirror lighting.

We recommend this studio for brands who want to shoot in Canggu, make use of a large cyclorama for advanced lighting configurations or want to get creative in a specially designed black room.

Images shot in Studio Susu by lens + lumen

3. Studio Luna

This large, well equipped and affordable photography studio is located close to Canggu in Kerobokan, easily accessible by car and motorbike and possibly one of our favourites in Bali!

Studio Luna features an extremely large 16m x 12m space with full cyclorama alongside a range of other areas in the studio space that are naturally lit, and fitted with a range of props and furniture pieces perfect for a huge range of commercial photoshoot projects.

The studio is carefully designed for the perfect indoor studio aesthetic, featuring neutral coloured sofas, abstract mirrors and detail wall spaces.With floor to ceiling windows spanning one side of the studio, there is large amounts of natural light that can be creatively diffused with curtains, and complimented with mirrors or the large lighting rental range.

We recommend this studio for brands looking for a styled, versatile space where their product can be seamlessly integrated into a indoor studio set.

Images from @luna.rentstudio

4. Supercool Studio

Supercool Studio is conveniently located in Berawa, less than 500m from the heart of Canggu, and features a combination of space for paper backdrops as well as a large naturally lit space.

Their rates offer a large range of inclusions such as 2 x Profoto Flash lights with a range of modifiers, soft boxes and umbrellas. Along with tethering equipment, foam light bouncing boards and even a laptop trolley for convenience! Also included is a large air purifier for circulating clean air inside the studio.

Alongside these inclusions, the space features an extremely quick access changing area to increase the efficiency of a professional commercial photoshoot, Supercool Studio also features a large desk space with office chairs and an outdoor terrace area.

We recommend Supercool Studio for brands who want the convenience of having their photoshoot in Canggu, and are after an especially fast commercial fashion photography workflow with a convenient changing facility right next to the backdrop space.

Images from Supercool Studio

5. Analog Studio

Analog Studio is a professional studio space located in the quiet neighborhood of Umalas, Bali. The studio is designed to be well lit with both natural light and studio lights complete with a cyclorama built inside the studio. ** ** A beautiful cafe is attached with the studio along with a barbershop supporting each other as a creative complex.

The 8m x 8m studio space features a cornered cyclorama and large windows on one side of the space, as well as the roof for versatile natural lighting. Analog studio features available in-house photographers, as well as lighting options available for rent within the space.

With so much space inside, their is room for large clothing racks, dedicated hair and makeup stations and large lighting configurations.

We recommend Analog Studio for brands looking for versatility in a large space, with access to both natural light and more complex professional lighting setups. The space will suit large teams for professional commercial shoots, and those looking to bring their own set design.

Image from Analog Studio

6. Project X Studio

One of the largest single photography studio spaces near Canggu, Bali, Project X Studio allows for photo & video production in Bali offering studio and lighting & equipment rental in a very large warehouse setting perfect for large set design or vehicle photography. Project X Studio also provides in-house photography and videography production.

The large open space is perfect for large sets with multiple models and wide lighting configurations. As the studio is entirely indoors, lighting can be easily manipulated through the use of rented lights or your photographers own kit.

Project X Studio also provides necessary mannequins for creating ghost images, perfect for brands looking to elevate their ecommerce site with professional product photography or a new collection launch.

We recommend Project X Studio for brands where a large 360 degree lighting setup may be necessary, or commercial photoshoots that require a large group of models in a studio scenario.

Images from @projectxstudio

That’s It!

With plenty of spaces to choose from, this list gives you a good idea of where to start looking for a creative studio in Bali!